3D Printing and Design Service

Besides DJing I also specialize in 3D Printing as a side hobby while I’m studying Mechanical Engineering at CSULB. I have grown a fond of manufacturing Engineering and is why I enjoy 3D Printing and Designing simple or complex parts for clients.
My Printer:
  • I use a Lulzbot Taz 5 that is well calibrated for excellent prints
  • Has Build Volume of 298mm (x-axis) by 275mm (y-axis) by 250mm(z-axis)
  • Big parts can be broken down to smaller pieces
  • NGEN (white, Clear, Gold Metallic, Dark Grey, Dark Blue, Silver Metallic)
  • Nylon
  • PLA (Black, Red)
  • ABS (White)
  • more available through this webstite Filament Comparison Guide
What I need for item to be printed?
  • model of part in .STL/ .Obj format or have it 3D modeled by me
  • Pricing depends on type of material being used and how much is used for print. Plus how long it takes me to design your part
  • Prints can be completed within 7 business days or less depending on size of model
  • Payments can be received in Cash, Credit Card (Service Fee 2.83%), and Paypal

If you have any questions feel free to Contact me through email or cell and will provide you a quote for your print, 

Thank You,
Oscar Beltran

cell (562) 381-5472

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